IBPS Specialist Officer -Marketing Quiz

Dear Readers, we are presenting Marketing Quiz for IBPS Specialist Officer Exam.We will provide various sets of marketing questions.

Try to solve these Marketing questions. If any doubt ask in comment section. We will provide more questions in upcoming posts.

1. Online marketing is the function of which of the following?
A Purchase section
B Production department
C IT department
D Designs section
E A collective function of all staffs
Ans- A

2. A successful Blue Ocean Strategy requires...?
A Effective communication
B Innovative skills
C Motivation
D All the above
E None of these
Ans- B

3. Cross selling is the basic function of---?
A All employees
B All employers
C All sales persons
D Planning Department
E All the above
Ans- C

4. Data mining means analyzing the data stored with...?
A the DSA
B The front office Staff
C The back office staff
D The customers
E None of these
Ans- B

5. P's of Marketing. Find the same-5. One of the following is not included in the  ....?
A Product
B Price
C Production
D Promotion
E None of these
Ans- Production

6. The target group of SME loans is......?
A All Businessmen
B All professionals
C All SSIs
D All the above
E None of these
Ans- C

7. CRM(Customer Relationship management) is.....?
A A pre-sales activity
B A tool for lead generation
C An ongoing daily activity
D Task of DSA
E All of the above
Ans- E

8. Cross- selling is not effective for which one of the following products?
A Debit cards
B Saving accounts
C Internet banking
D Pension Loans
E Personal loans
Ans- C

9. Bankassurance can be sold to.......?
A All banks
B All insurance companies
C Insurance Agents
D All existing and prospective bank customers
E all the above
Ans- D

10. One of the following is not involved in the growth strategies of a Company?
A Horizontal Integration
B Vertical Integration
C Diversification
D Intensification
E None of these
Ans- B

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