Computer Quiz for IBPS Clerk

1. Which of the following is a point and draw device?
A Mouse
B Scanner
C Printer
D Cd- rom
E Keyboard

2. Internal Storage is ........... Storage?
A Primary
B Secondary
C Auxillary
D Virtual
E None of these

3. Built in memory of computer is ......?

4. Unit of storage capacity?
A Byte
B Bit
C Bug
D Cubic meter
E None of these

5. C, BASIC, COBOl and Java are examples of ......... language?
A Low level
B Computer
C System programming
D high-level
E None of these

6. Information on a computer is stored as what?
A Analog data
B digital data
C modem data
D watts data
E none of these

7. When you turn on the computer , the boot routine will perform this test......?
A RAM test
B Disk Drive Test
C Memory Test
D Power on self test
E None of these

8. Oracle is a ...........?
A An operating software
B Word processor
C Database Software
D All of the above
E None of these

9. Restarting a computer that is already on is referred as .......?
A Shut down
B Cold booting
C Warm Booting
D logging off
E None of these

10.  This can be another word for program?
A Software
B Disk
C Floppy
D Hardware
E None of these

1- A
2- A
3-  B
4- A
5- D
6- B
7- D
8- C
9- C
10- A

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