Biology Quiz for SSC and Railway Exam

1. In a human body, the basic building block are
Ans- Cells

2. Insulin controls the metabolism of ?
Ans- Sugars

3. "Acetylsalicylic Acid" is commonly known as
Ans- Aspirin

4. The acidic medium of gastric juice along with an enzyme Pepsin breaks the proteins down into smaller parts known as ?
Ans- Peptones

5. Oxygen in our blood is transported by ?
Ans- Haemoglobin

6. How much plasma Human blood contains ?

7. Which part of the human body coordinates the functions of various organs ?
Ans- Brain

8. Plants synthesise protein from ?
Ans- amino acids

9. Milk fever in cow is caused due to the deficiency of ?
Ans- Calcium

10. Pigmentation of skin is due to ___
Ans- melanocytes