Ga and Computer Questions Asked in RBI Assistant Exam Evening Shift (9.8.15)

Dear Readers, we are presenting some of the Ga Questions Asked in RBI assistant Exam held in 9 August 2015 Evening Shift.

1. DICGC subsidiary of--RBI
2. Natulla pass-Sikkim
3. FDI in pension- 49%
4. Rodrigues Triple Juction--- Indian ocean
5. Newyork situated is situated on the banks of River-The Hudson
6. Investment in infrastructure in Budget- 700 billion rupees
7. Maha Pushkaram celebrated after how many days- 144 years
8. What is Reverse Repo rate- Reverse repo rate is the rate at which the central bank of a country (RBI in case of India) borrows money from commercial banks within the country.
9. Surcharge 2% extra above income - replace Wealth Tax
10. 2020 olympics venue- Tokyo
11. Atal pension min and max age- 18-40 years

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