Reasoning - Coding Decoding

Directions (Q. 1-6): Study the following information to answer the given questions:
In a certain code, ‘time and money’ is written as ‘ma jo ki’, ‘manage time well’ is written as ‘pa ru jo’, ‘earn more money’ is written as ‘zi ha ma’ and ‘earn well enough’ is written as ‘si ru ha’.

1. What is the code for ‘earn’?
1) si
2) ru
3) ha
4) ma
5) Cannot be determined

2. Which of the following represents ‘more time’ ?
1) pa jo
2) zi ki
3) ma ki
4) si jo
5) jo zi

3. What is the code for ‘manage’?
1) ru
2) pa
3) jo
4) ha
5) Either ‘jo’ or ‘ru’

4. Which of the following may represent’ ‘money matters’?
1) ki to
2) ma pa
3) fi ma
4) ha ma
5) ma jo

5. What does ‘ru’ stand for ?
1) well
2) manage
3) time
4) enough
5) Either ‘time’ or ‘enough’

6. Which of the following may represent ‘good enough’?
1) ru si
2) da ha
3) si pa
4) si da
5) ki ru

1. -3
2. -5
3. -2
4. -3; Since ‘matters’ is a new word. So, new code is introduced for ‘matters’ ie, ‘fi’. Code for ‘money’ is ‘ma’.
5. -1
6. -4; Code for ‘enough’ is ‘si’ and since ‘good’ is a new word, so a new code for ‘good’, ie ‘da’ is introduced.



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