Current Affairs Quiz of 5-6 September 2015

1. Apurvi Chandela is related with which Sports ?
Ans- Shooting

2. China signed 3.2 billion yuan ($500 million) currency swap deal with which country ?
Ans- Tajikistan

3. Indian Railways  join hands to whom for improving safety and enhancing efficiency ?

4. Adesh Shrivastava who died recently is related with which field ?
Ans-  Bollywood Music composer

5. Who was appointed as President of W20’s formed by G20 recently ?
Ans- Gulden Turktan 

6. OROP stands for..........?
Ans- ‘One Rank One Pension’

7. PM Narendra Modi has announced which place as the spiritual capital?
Ans- Bodhgaya

8. 1st Summit of W20 Group will be held in October 2015 at which place ?
Ans- Istanbul

9. Which Indian Boxer  won Silver Medal in the Asian Championship which was held at Bangkok, Thailand?
Ans- Vikas Krishnan

10. Which state Legislative Assembly has passed an amendment bill to abolish its Police Recruitment Board?
Ans- Haryana

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