Nick Name of Indian Cities

Dear Readers, we are providing you list of cities along with their nick names that will help you in upcoming exams.

1. Golden City -Amristar
2. Manchester of India -Ahmedabad
3. City of Seven Islands- Mumbai
4. Queen of Arabian Sea -Cochin
5. Space City -Bangalore

6. Garden City of India- Bangalore
7. Silicon Valley of India - Bangalore
8. Electronic City of India-  Bangalore
9. Pink City - Jaipur
10. Gateway of India- Mumbai
11. Twin City Hyderabad – Sikandarabad
12. City of Festivals-  Madurai
13. Deccan Queen- Pune
14. City of Buildings- Kolkata
15. Dakshin Ganga- Godavari
16. Old Ganga- Godavari
17. Egg Bowl of Asia - Andhra Pradesh
18. Soya Region - Madhya Pradesh
19. Manchester of the South -Coimbatore
20. City of Nawabs- Lucknow
21. Venice of the East -Cochin
22. Sorrow of Bengal - Damodar river
23. Blue Mountains- Nilgiri
24. Queen of the Mountains- Mussoorie
25. Bangle city- Hyderabad (Telangana)

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