Current Affairs Quiz of 13-14 October 2015

1. Who won the 2015 Man Booker Prize for Fiction ?
Ans- Jamaican writer Marlon James for his novel A Brief History of Seven Killings

2. Who was named as the Central Bank Governor of the Year, Asia 2015 by London-based publication Emerging Markets ?
Ans- Atiur Rahman, the Governor of Bangladesh Bank

3. Who has been elected as  Fiji's  President ?
Ans- Jioji Konrote

4. Who are the participating countries in  joint training exercise, named Mitra Shakti-2015 ?
Ans-  India-Sri Lanka

5.  Indo and which country started Joint Military Exercise ‘Hand in Hand’- 2015?

6. Who was awarded with the prestigious J.C. Daniel Award for the year 2014 for his contributions towards the Malayalam entertainment industry ?
Ans- Renowned Malayalam filmmaker I.V. Sasi

7. Who has become Pakistan's highest Test scorer ?
Ans-Younis Khan surpassed Javed Miandad

8. Who was appointed as MD and CEO of Bank of Baroda ?
Ans- PS Jayakumar

9.Which government launched Bill Banvao, Inaam Pao scheme ?
Ans- Delhi Government

10. China operationalises Zam Hydropower Station on which river ?
Ans- Brahmaputra River

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