Current Affairs Quiz of 17-18 October 2015

1. Who became the first female Speaker in the parliamentary history of Nepal ?
Ans- Onsari Gharti Magar 

2. China signed signed a 5.5 billion US dollars deal to build the first high-speed railway in which country ?
Ans- Indonesia

3. The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty was observed globally on ........?
Ans- 17 October 2015

4. Who replaces Pepsi as title sponsors of IPL ?
Ans- Mobile company Vivo

5. Who was appointed as the CMD of Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd ?
Ans-  MK Surana

6. Who was appointed as Advocate General of Maharashtra ?
Ans- Shreehari Aney

7. Reliance to Start Selling Its  4G Smartphones with which branch name ?
Ans- 'Lyf'

8. Which country has recently launched a new communication satellite APSTAR-9 by the Long March-3B carrier rocket?
Ans- China

9. Who has recently won the Maharaja Sayajirao Bhasha Samman Award?
Ans- Prasoon Joshi

10. Mani Rangarajan has been recently appointed as CFO of which company ?

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