Current Affairs Quiz of 25-26 October 2015

1. World Polio Day is observed annually across the world on........?
Ans- 24 October

2. Mada Venkateswara Rao passed away recently. Who is he ?
Ans- Veteran Telugu actor

3. India’s first AC double-decker Shatabdi train to run on which route?
Ans- Mumbai to Goa

4. Which  city is hosting 3rd India-Africa Forum Summit?
Ans- New Delhi

5. Who won 2015 World Drivers’ Championship (WDC) for third time ?
Ans-  Lewis Hamilton

6. Who has won Silver medal in the 2015 Archery World Cup Final in the men’s individual compound section in Mexico ?
Ans- archer Abhishek Verma

7. What is the full form of NDRF ?
Ans- National Disaster Response Force (NDRF)

8. Which State announced to open Sanskrit University for Scheduled Castes ?
Ans- Haryana at at Mundri village

9. Recently which  country has been hit by Hurricane Patricia?
Ans- Mexico

10. What is the name of the committee which has been formed to probe the death of a 15 year old Dalit Youth in Gohana, Haryana?
Ans- Amit Bhatia

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