Current Affairs Quiz of 27-28 November 2015

1. Who was appointed as Prime Minister of Portugal ?
Ans- Atonio Costa

2. Who will be the first woman Secretary-General of the Commonwealth?
Ans- British lawyer Patricia Scotland 

3. India co-developed the Barak-8 missile with which country?
Ans- Israel

4. Which banking major is shutting down its private banking operations in India?
Ans- HSBC 

5. Online system- Bhavishya  was launched for what purpose?
Ans- Online pension tracking system

6. Which two countriesplayed the first day-night Test cricket match?
Ans- Australia and New Zealand

7. Who is current President of Portugal ?
Ans- Anibal Cavaco 

8. Noboru Karashima, who passed away recently, related to which among the following fields?
Ans- historian

9. Which state  set up NRI Commission first time in India?
Ans- Punjab (Kerala becomes the 2nd state )

10. Who has been declared the IAAF’s male athlete of the year for 2015?
Ans- American decathlete Ashton Eaton

11. Kawal Tiger Reserve is located in which state ?
Ans- Adilabad district in Telangana

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