English Quiz

1.The moment they saw me, they were delight
A. had delighted
B. were delighted
C. are delighted
D. have been delighted
E. No correction required

2. He should not had done it.
A. had not
B. should had not
C. should not have
D. should have
E. No correction required

  3. No sooner do the bells ring than the curtain rose.
A. did the bell ring
B. did the bells ring
C. had the bell rang
D. had the bell rung
E. No correction required

4.The moment the manager came to know fraudulent action of his assistant, he order immediately dismissed him.
A. immediately ordered his dismissed
B. ordered his immediate dismissal
C. immediately order dismissal of his
D. ordered for immediately dismissal of him
E. No correction required

5. The meeting was attended to by all invitees.
A. all attended to by
B. attended by all
C. fully attended to by
D. like attending to all
E. No correction required
6.If he has to spend five hours in the queue, it was really a wastage.
A. is a really wastage
B. is real a wastage
C. has really a wastage
D. is really a wastage
E. No correction required

7. The world has seen small real attempt at population and resource planning.
A. few
B. little
C. less
D. a few
E. no correction required

8.My hair stood off ends when I saw the horrible sight.
A. stood at ends
B. stood on ends
C. stood to ends
D. stands on ends
E. No correction required
9.The long or short of it is that I do not want to deal with that new firm.
A. The long and short of it
B. The long and short for it
C. The long or short for it
D. The shot and long for it
E. No correction required

10.Can you tell me why did you not speak the truth?
A. why did not you speak
B. that why did you not speak
C. why you did not speak
D. why did you not spoke
E. No correction required



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