Reasoning Quiz- Inequality for IBPS Clerk

In the following questions(6-10), the symbols @, ©, #, $ and % are used with the meaning as indicated below.
P©V means ‘P is either greater than or equal to V’.
P%V means ‘P is either smaller than or equal to V’.
P@V means ‘P is neither greater than nor smaller than v’.
P#V means ‘P is smaller than v’.
P$V means ‘P is greater than v’.

Now in each of the following questions, assuming the given statements to be true, find which of the four Conclusions I, II, III andf IV given below them is/are definitely true, give your answer accordingly.
A. If only conclusion I is true.
B. If only conclusion II is true.
C. If either conclusion I or II is true.
D. If neither conclusion I nor II is true.
E. If both conclusion I and II are true.

6. Statements D$N, N#A, A©S
Conclusions    I. S#N
7. Statements K©T, T$R, R#S
Conclusions    I. S$T
8. Statements J$U, U©M, M#P
Conclusions  I. J$M
9. Statements  F#A, A@T, T$H
Conclusions  I. F#H
10. Statements M%I, I#T, T@H
Conclusions I. H$I

5. A
From the given information,
© means >=
% means <=
@ means =
# means <
$ means >

6. D.
 S#N means S<N which is false,
D$A means D>A which is false.
Hence, neither I nor II are true.

 7. B.

S$T means S>T which is false,
R#K means R<K which is true.
Hence, Only II is true.

 8. A.
J$M means J>M which is true,
P$U means P>U which is false.
Hence, Only I is true.

9. C
 F#H means F<H which is false,
F©H means F>=H which is false.

both a and b follow separtely.
10. E.
 H$I means HI which is true,
T$I means TI which is true.
Both the conclusions I and II are true

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