IBPS Clerk 2015- Practice English Questions (Fill in the blanks- 15 questions) Set-2

Dear IBPS Clerk 2015 Aspirants practice English questions set of 15 questions of Fill in the blanks for upcoming IBPS Clerk Exam. Try to solve these Fill in the blanks and share time taken to solve these Fill in the blanks and your attempt.

In English section for IBPS Clerk 2015- Comprehension, Cloze test, FIll in the Blanks , rearrangement , spotting errors play important role in preliminary exam.

Direction: Fill the most appropriate options in blanks provided to make the sentence meaningful.

1) We must prevent endangered wild species from becoming ________ in order that our future generation may ________ the great diversity of animal life.
  A. rare, escape
  B. outdated, know
  C. volatile, notice
  D. powerful, protect
  E. extinct, enjoy

2) India's immense physical size, as also the fact of its ________ society ________ any attempt towards a neat capsuled presentation on any subject.
  A. cultured, demonstrates
  B. pluralistic, defies
  C. multi-religious, fails
  D. amorphous, challenges
  E. variegated, frustrates

3) The man who is impatient to become rich can easily be ________ to the race track or the gaming table, where a lucky ________ might make him rich.
  A. enticed, chance
  B. evoked, streak
  C. pushed, moment
  D. lured, break
  E. pursued, challenge

4) The secretary ________ the society's funds, ________ he was dismissed.
  A. misplaced, soon
  B. robbed, thus
  C. pirated, therefore
  D. misappropriated, so

5) There are attempts being made to try to ________ languages through specific ________, but the result is that some tongues become conserved as if they were a museum piece.
  A. save, ways
  B. conserve, factors
  C. preserve, measures
  D. protect, tricks

6) They wanted to ________ all these books, but they could not find ________ time to do so.
  A. cove, almost
  B. peruse, necessary
  C. dispose, some
  D. read, sufficient
  E. buy, some

7) The boy felt ________ when he knew that he had been ________.
  A. joyful, lured
  B. horrified, forced
  C. disgraced, wronged
  D. humiliated, cheated
  E. worried, tempted

8) It is ________ for every tax-payer to ________ the tax returns to the Income Tax Department.
  A. necessary, lodge
  B. binding, pay
  C. obligatory, submit
  D. possible, remit
  E. worthwhile, evade

9) It is useless to attempt to ________ from every danger, some ________ must be taken.
  A. escape, chances
  B. free, challenges
  C. protect, decisions
  D. flee, risks
  E. dissociate, opportunities

10) Fiction approximates to science, first in accepting the obligation of being ________ to life as it is, and secondly, in asserting the right to ________.

  A. faithful, explain
  B. true, theorize
  C. close, describe
  D. realistic, portray
  E. committed, narrate

Directions (1-5): Each of the question below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

11. In his __, he followed the __course.
(1) agony, funny
(2) ignorance, wrong
(3) hurry, diversified
(4) predicament, proper
(5) bewilderment, appropriate

12. A whole generation of infants is at risk of __ diseases due to drinking poisonous milk being pumped into the market by __ traders.
(1) countering, false
(2) imbibing, vivacious
(3) generating, unconscious
(4) encouraging, dishonest
(5) developing, unscrupulous

13. Rohan __ to a __ love for drugs.
(1) considered, reveal
(2) admitted, correct
(3) accepted, open
(4) confessed, secret
(5) supposed, sacred

14. The charges made in the system were so __ that they didn’t require any ___.
(1) big, time
(2) genuine, intelligence
(3) marginal, expenses
(4) certain, expertise
(5) obvious, modifications

15. Many tourists to India visit the beautiful __ of Kashmir __ in spring and summer.
(1) town, frequently
(2) valley, especially
(3) scenery, generally
(4) lakes, rarely
(5) town, closely

1. E
2. B
3. A
4. D
5. C
6. B
7. D
8. C
9. A
10. C
11. 2
12. 5
13. 4
14. 5
15. 2

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