General awareness and Computers questions asked in IBPS Clerk Mains Morning Shift (03.01.2016)

Dear Readers, we are providing you some of the Ga and Computer Questions asked in 03rd January 2016  IBPS CLERK Mains  Exam Morning Shift.

1. INDRA military camp is conducted by - India & Russia
2. Ustad Sabri Khan, who died recently, was related to - Sarangi 
3. Pachmarhi is located in - Madhya Pradesh 
4. Gondwana cup is related with - Tennis 
5. Santiago is the capital of - Chile
6. Black Buck National Park - Gujarat
7. Vivekananda Statue - Malaysia
8. Post office is which type of bank - Payment Bank 
9. In India, ATM for blind person started by which bank - Union Bank
10. Santiago is capital of which country - Chile
11. Rupiah is currency of which country - Indonesia
12. Which bank tops in Forbes 2000 list? - ICBC, China
13. What does D in CDSL stands for? - Depository
14. Pranab Mukherjee visiting 500th year celebration of Monk Chaitanya Mahaprabhu at - Vrindavan
15. Hockey World League Final 2015 - Australia Beat Belgium 
16. Top source of FDI in India - Singapore
17. Which bank has headquarters in Hyderabad - Andhra Bank
18. 2nd Bird Watching Festival is to be organised in which state - Uttarakhand
19. NSA level talk between India & Pakistan was held at - Bangkok
20. Pranav mukharjee inaugurated 51-ft statue of Lord Shiva at - Kolkata
21. Modi inaugurated bronze statue of Vivekananda at - Malaysia
22. In BCBSI, C stands for - Codes
23. Visa headquarters - Foster City, California
24. NBFC comes under which act- Companies Act, 1956
25. Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana reduces deadline of the project from 2022 to - 2019