IBPS Specialist Officer -Marketing Quiz Set 6

Dear Readers, we are presenting Marketing Quiz for IBPS Specialist Officer Exam.We will provide various sets of marketing questions.

Try to solve these Marketing questions. If any doubt ask in comment section. We will provide more questions in upcoming posts.

1. Dropping an unprofitable product immediately is the best strategy when
1. All advertising and promotional efforts have been exhausted
2. Losses are too great to prolong the product's life
3. The product's performance cannot be improved
4. There is low compatibility with the firm's business strategies
5. None of these 

2. Classification of products into goods, services, and ideas is determined by the :
1. Degree of labour intensiveness
2. Type of markets
3. Dominant component
4. Skill of the service provider
5. Degree of consumer contact 

3. Of the following alternatives, which service is the most people-based ?
1. Dry cleaning
2. Carpet cleaning
3. Swimming instruction
4. Airline flight
5. Hotel accommodations

4. To make proper marketing decisions we need to be done ____________
1. Market research
2. Financial product
3. Targeted marketing
4. Publicity
5. None of these 

5. To survive in the growing competition banks need to implement ______________
1. Free schemes
2. Service orientation
3. Marketing Orientation
4. Core banking
5. None of these 

6. Gathering information about customers or market is known as _____________
1. Customer inspection
2. Checking market area
3. Need of a bank
4. Market Research
5. None of these 

7. Marketing is complex in Banks compared to other commercial concerns. Which among the following justifies this statement ?
1. Bank marketing is a service Marketing
2. The focus of the bank marketing is customer
3. The Bank marketing is doubly oriented
4. Banking products are intangible
5. None of these 

8. What has been the effect on banks by the increased role of capital markets in mobilizing funds ?
1. It increased the importance of banks
2. it decreased the importance of banks
3. it did not affect the importance of banks
4. it provided an opportunity for banks to earn more
5. none of them

9. Which of the following Banks in India is known to be the first Indian bank to adopt the concept of market segmentation ?
1. Punjab National Bank
2. State Bank of India
3. ICICI Bank
4. Bank of Baroda
5. Canara Bank 

10. Labelling means ___________
1. Identifying the product or brand
2. To provide information about the product
3. Promoting the product through 'attractive graphics'
4. All of the above
5. None of the above