Current Affairs Quiz of 23-24 February 2016

Dear Readers, we are presenting Current Affairs quiz of  February 2016 at Current Affairs quiz covers all important topics of Current Affairs for all competitive exams.

Current Affairs Quiz

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1. The Road to Resilience is an initiative of which organisation under which a team undertook a bus trip along the entire Indian coastline ?
Ans- World Bank

2. Tropical Cyclone Winston has recently hit which country?
Ans- Fiji

3. Who was appointed as new Chairman of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) ?
Ans-Chief Justice of India (CJI) H L Dattu

4. Who  was sworn-in as the Chief Justice of the Meghalaya High Court?
Ans-Justice Dinesh Maheshwari

5. Reserve Bank of India (RBI)  extended the 2 billion US dollars Currency Swap Arrangement with SAARC nations till which date ?
Ans-14 November 2017

6. Which state became the sixth state to sign MoU with Union Government for power scheme UDAY ?
Ans- Bihar

7. Name the naval exercise between India, Brazil and South Africa which kicked off  in Goa?
Ans-Exercise IBSAMAR

8. Name the country who’s Parliament  became the world’s first to run fully on solar power?
Ans- Pakistan

9. E-Governance Vision 2020 that was in news o is the document of which constitutional body of India?
Ans- Election Commission of India

10. Name the Indian-origin art lover and playwright who on was conferred Knighthood by the French government for his lifelong devotion to the promotion of arts?
Ans- Ismail Mahomed

11. The World Day of Social Justice is observed on which date?
Ans-February 20

12. India’s first ever Gender Park has been inaugurated in which state?