Current Affairs Quiz of 9-10 February 2016

Dear Readers, Current Affairs quiz and GK questions based of National and International Events of 9-10 February 2016 Based on The Hindu. Read and Remember Current Affairs quiz and GK questions for upcoming LIC, Syndicate PO and other competitive exams.

Current Affairs Quiz of 1-2 December 2015

Current Affairs quiz and GK questions help you in good score in competitive exams.

1. First National Deworming Day in schools and preschools (anganwadis) was observed on which date ?
Ans- 10 February 2016

2. The Noor Ouarzazate Solar Complex, world’s largest solar power plant was located in which country ?
Ans- Souss-Massa-DrĂ¢a area in Morocco

3. Kailash Yadav passes away recently. Who was he ?
Ans- Uttar Pradesh Panchayati Raj Minister 

4. Private lender Federal  has partnered with ........ to provide its NRI customers in Australia inward remittance facility at a discounted rate ?
Ans- National Australia Bank 

5. Who was  appointed as Executive Vice Chairman of TERI(The Energy and Resources Institute) ?
Ans- Rajendra K Pachauri

6. Brendon McCullum who retired from One-Day International (ODI) cricket belongs to which country?
Ans- New Zealand

7. Which airport is the first one in India to develop a color-coded map?
Ans-Jaipur International Airport

8. Which state government has launched an initiative “School on wheels” for tribal children?
Ans- rajasthan

9. Sapna devi is related with which sports ?
Ans- Wushu Taulu (Changquan)

10. “Udyam Aakansha” scheme has been launched by which state for promotion of SMEs?
Ans- Chhattisgarh