English Practice Set-33 For LIC

Dear Bank Aspirants we are providing practice English questions set for LIC AAO . Try to solve these Mixed Questions and share time taken to solve these Mixed Questions and share your attempt.

English Questions- phrase replacement

In English section  Comprehension, Cloze test, Fill in the Blanks , rearrangement, spotting errors play important role in  exam.

Directions:(1-5)- Which of phrases given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold type to make the grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is, mark 'E' as the answer.

1. Anand has the guts to rise from the occasion and come out successfully.
A. in rising from
B. to raise with
C. to rise to
D. to rise against
E. No correction required

2. If you are thinking about investigation overseas, isn't it makes sense to find an experience guide?
A. it is not making
B. doesn't it make
C. does it make
D. is it making
E. No correction required

3. This is one of the most important inventions of this century.
A. invention of this century
B. invention of these century
C. invention of centuries
D. invention of the centuries
E. No correction required

4. The orator had been left the auditorium before the audience stood up.
A. had been leaving
B. was left
C. had left
D. would leave
E. No correction required

5. He dislikes the word dislike, isn't he
A. didn't he
B. doesn't he
C. hasn't he
D. does he
E. No correction required

Directions (6-10): Rearrange the following sentences (A), (B), (C), (D) and (E) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph, then answer the questions given below them.

(A) According to the national Policy of Education, it is 6 percent of the GDP.
(B) India spends a little less than 4 percent, as did countries like South Korea and Japan that achieved high literacy post World War II.
(C) The quality of expenditure is more important than the quantity.
(D) The center spends Rs 1000 per year on a child while in cities like Mumbai; it’s higher than Rs 6300.
(E) Yet independent studies have found that an average four years of schooling generates two years of learning levels across country.
(F) How much government should the government spend on education?
(G) China spends only 2.6 percent.

6.Which one of the following can be the FIRST sentence of the passage in the rearranged sentences?
(A) A                                  
(B) D     
(C) C                                  
(D) F     
(E) G

7.Which one of following can be the SECOND sentence of the passage in rearranged sentences?
(A) A                                  
(B) B     
(C) C                                 
(D) D     
(E) E

8.Which one of the following can be the THIRD sentence of the passage in the rearranged sentences?
(A) A                                 
(2) B     
(C) C                                 
(D) D     
(E) E

9.Which one of the following can be the FOURTH sentence of the passage in the rearranged sentences?
(A) A                                  
(B) B     
(C) C                                  
(D) D     
(E) E

10.Which one of following can be the FIFTH sentence of the passage in the rearranged sentence?
(A) A                                  
(B) B     
(C) C                                  
(D) G     
(E) E




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