General Awareness/GK Questions in Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) 3rd shift-22.04.16

Dear Readers, we are sharing some of questions that was asked in RRB(Railway Recruitment Board) Exam 3rd shift- 22.04.16 that provided by our readers.

General Awareness/GK Questions in Railway RRB

General Awareness/GK Questions in Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) 3rd shift-22.04.16

1. Tooth enamel is made up of- calcium phosphate.

2. Birju maharaj composed a song for Deepika padukone in baji Rao mastaani is a – kathak Dancer

3. Which national park has worlds two thirds one horned rhinos-Kaziranga National Park

4. Ginger is one of the following type- Underground stem

5. Eliminated Plant – Pluto

6. Qutub Minar, Alai Darwaza(magnificent gateway) built by- Ala-ud-din Khilji

7. Bulb filament is made up of- Tungsten

8. Google CEO – Sundar Pitchai

9. Elisa is the test for AIDS but it is caused by virus- HIV

10. Narendra modi meets nawaz Sharif to surprise him at his Birthday at- Pakisthan

11. Mary Kom belongs to which state- Manipur

12. In IPL Raina and Dhoni played to – Rajkot and pune

13. Indira point is located at- Andaman

14. Gagan Narang and Abhinav Bindra related to- Shooting

15. First satellite of India sent towards lunars is- Chandrayaan 1

16. The process of coating on the surface of a metal with zinc is called- Galvanisation

17. The scientist who got Nobel prize on malaria is- Sir Ronald Ross



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