Spotting Error for Bank and SSC Exams

English Quiz

English Quiz- Spotting Error for Bank and SSC Exams

Direction (1-5): Find out the error in the given sentences. If there is no error mark your answer as (5).

1. The carpenter, who was looking for (1)/ a job since his mother (2)/ died, was told that (3)/ he will be interviewed in an hour. (4)/ No error. (5)

2. The reason why men (1)/ who worked in factories (2)/ are more likely to suffer from lung diseases (3)/ like asthma has been unraveled by a recent survey. (4)/ No error. (5)

3. The monthly expenditure costs company (1)/ about .25% of the total profit (2)/ what is almost equal to (3)/ the amount spent on the welfare schemes for the employees. (4)/ No error. (5)

4. Despite all our efforts (1)/ we have seen a sharp (2)/ decrease in the number of people (3)/ just before the launch of the scheme. (4)/ No error (5).

5. NGOs has started (1)/ a road side drama campaign (2)/ against the employment of children (3)/ below the age of 14. (4)/ No error. (5)

6. 1) If we are indeed a democracy /2) then politicians would do well /3) to remember that tolerance and free speech /4) is the hallmark of democracy. /5) No error

7. 1) These efforts will help bring /2) the people of the two countries /3) closer together paving the way /4) for greater people-to-people contact. /5) No error

8. 1) Not only commerce undergraduates /2) though engineers and science graduates /3) also seem to be eager /4) to flow with the management stream. /5) No error

9. 1) If India was to become a developed country /2) this sectional imbalance has /3) to be corrected which is /4) possible by improving the quality of education. /5) No error

10. 1) There are ways and measures /2) to be followed if we /3) really mean to enhancing agricultural /4) growth in the years to come. /5) No error

1. (4) Replace "will" with "would".
2. (2) Replace worked with works
3. (3) Substitute "which" for "what"
4. (5) No Error
5. (1) Replace has with have.
6. 4; Replace ‘is’ with ‘are’.
7. 5
8. 2; Replace ‘though’ with ‘but’.
9. 1; It should be ‘were’ in place of ‘was’.
10. 3; It should be ‘enhance’ in place of ‘enhancing’.



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