Group Discussion- Preparation Tips and Important Topics for SBI PO 2016

Dear Bank Aspirants many of you are preparing for SBI PO 2016 GD and Interview. In this post we are providing important topics for SBI PO GD and Interview.

First we discuss what is Group Discussion and how prepare for it?

In the Group Discussion, a topic is given ranging from the current affairs and other events to a group of candidates and it is then discussed in the group. In SBI PO 2016 you can expect following procedure followed during Group Discussion:
Around 10-12 candidate in a single GD group.
Jury Member or panelist of 3-4 people to monitor the discussion.
Questions can be asked to individual participants based on whatever they say during Group Discussion.
Topic will be provided by the Jury Member or panellist and the topic could be changed if the group is not comfortable with the given topic.
If you do not understand the topic and you can ask the panel to make it clear.
Everyone will be given time to express his/her opinion.
You will be allowed to express your opinion in Hindi as well as English, however you should try your best to express it in English as it will give you an added advantage.

Key Points to Remember
In Group discussion you will be interacting & debating with other candidates and your performances will be evaluated on the basis of following points:
Knowledge about the topic
How well you are expressing your opinion
Leadership skill – how well you are able to discuss among the group i.e. how you are putting your points, listening to others & trying to manage the whole discussion
How well you are listening & articulating other points
How well you are concluding all the points put forward in the group and sharing group overall opinion.
Command over Language – You should have good command over language i.e. Hindi or English. Preferable language is English so you should try to express your opinion in English at your utmost best

Important Topics for SBI PO 2016 Group Discussion(GD)

1. GST and its impact of Indian Economy

2. 7th Pay commision

3. Rio Olympics and India's performance- Reason behind poor performance

4. Brexit- Economic impact of India and World

5. Impact of Consolidation and merger in Banking Sector- Merger of SBI Associate and Bharatiya Mahila Bank with SBI

6. Reason behind increasing NPA in PSU Banks while private sector banks making profit

7. Impact of Technology in Banking Sector

8. Impact of Merger of Rail Budget with Union Budget

9. Smartphone- Impact on society, Deaths due to selfies

10. Ecommerce in India