SSC Quiz- Reasoning

1. Odometer is to mileage as compass is to
A. speed
B. hiking
C. needle
D. direction
Ans - D

2. Marathon is to race as hibernation is to
A. winter
B. bear
C. dream
D. sleep
Ans - D

3. Window is to pane as book is to
A. novel
B. glass
C. cover
D. page
Ans - D

4.Cup is to coffee as bowl is to
A. dish
B. soup
C. spoon
D. food
Ans - B

5. Yard is to inch as quart is to
A. gallon
B. ounce
C. milk
D. liquid
Ans - B

6. Elated is to despondent as enlightened is to
A. aware
B. ignorant
C. miserable
D. tolerant
Ans - B

7. Optimist is to cheerful as pessimist is to
A. gloomy
B. mean
C. petty
D. helpful
Ans - A

8. Reptile is to lizard as flower is to
A. petal
B. stem
C. daisy
D. alligator
Ans - C

9. Play is to actor as concert is to
A. symphony
B. musician
C. piano
D. percussion
Ans - B

10. Sponge is to porous as rubber is to
A. massive
B. solid
C. elastic
D. inflexible
Ans - C

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