English Quiz

Directions (Q.1-10):Which of the phrases (1), (2), (3) and (4) given below each statement should replace the phrase printed in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is given and no correction is required, mark (5) as the answer. 

1. One of the main function of the State is maintenance of law and order.

1) main function for

2) main functions of

 3) main functions for

4) main functions off

5) No correction required

2. Setbacks and failures has always been an integral part of science.

1) has always being

2) were always been

3) has been always

4) have always been

5) No correction required

 3. The sword of Tipu Sultan was recently brought at an auction by an Indian for Rs 2 crores.

1) brought in a

2) brought in an

3) bought in an

4) bought at a

5) No correction required

4. Alcohol in moderate quantity boosts concentration of good cholesterol and inhibiting blood clots.

1) inhibits blood clots

2) inhibit blood clots

3) inhibited blood clots

4) inhabiting blood clots

5) No correction required

 5. We must realise that learning from mistakes is an important part of life.

1) mistakes are an

2) mistakes are a

3) mistake are a

4) mistakes has an

5) No correction required

6. An NGO is working towards providing free education to the girl child so that every girl can stand on their own feet.
1) stands on their own
 2) stands on her own
3) stand in her own
4) stand on their own’s
5) No correction required

7. The animal rescuers anaesthetised the dog which had been with great pain after having met with an accident.
1) which had been in
2) which is being with
3) who had been in
4) who has been at
5) No correction required

8. In its final decision, the court ruled that all the allegations levelled for the accused were false and baseless.
1) allegation levelled against the
2) allegations level against that
3) allegations levelled against the
4) allegation levelled with that
5) No correction required

9. If I leave early from home, I could have made it on time to the airport.
1) If I would leave early
2) Had I leave earlier
3) If I could left early
4) Had I left earlier
5) No correction required

10. Thousands of fire-fighters were deployed at the factory when a fire suddenly broke out due to a short circuit.
1) on the factory when
2) at the factory while
3) at that factory when
4) in the factory while
5) No correction required

1 (2) It should be’ main functions of’ as we are choosing one from many.
2 (4) ’have’ should be used for two objects.
3 (3) The correct word is’ bought in an’.
4 (1) Present Indefinite tense should be used.
5 (5)
6 (2) ‘stands on her own’ as subject is singular.
7 (1)’in’ should be used instead of ‘with’
8 (3)’against’ should be used with allegations not ‘for’.
9 (4) When two events of past are compared, the event that occurred earlier must be in past perfect.
10 (5)

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