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Top Interview Questions and Answers

we are presenting most frequently asked interview questions and their answers. Every interview strats with these questions. Remember FIRST IMPRESSION IS LAST IMPRESSION

1. Tell us about yourself?
  • Starts from your name
  • Your place information
  • Your Education qualification
  • Job experience if you have
  • Your Family details in short
Sample Answer- My name Ashok. I live in Agra. I have done B.pharma in 2009 with 66 %  from Rajeev Academy for Pharmacy afiliated with UPTU and MBA in marketing by distance from Annamalai University with 64 %. I have three year experience in pharma marketing. In my family we are six members. My father is Government Employee and mother is Housewife.
Note- In case of married girl she need to tell about her in-laws.

2. What are your Strength ?
  • Adaptability
  • Hardworking
  •  Honest
  • Self motivated
  • Fast decision making
  • Optimistic
  • Persistence
Sample Answer- I am easily adaptable to every situation. I am hardworking and self motivated.
Note- in some case interviewer ask you to give example to prove this so be ready with example.

3. What are your weakness?
  • Straight forward attitude
  • Impatient
  • More talkative
  • Trust People very quickly
  • To speak lie is difficult for me.
  • Gets nervous when talk to strangers
  • Take decisions very quickly
Sample Answer-I am very talkative and trust people very easily.

4. Why you want to join Bank?
  • I want to join bank because banking is a very fast growing sector which provide me aple growth  opportunity  .
  • Banking Sector offers tremendous growth opportunities. Candidates reach from Trainee Officer level to a General Manager level.
  • Bank Employees have respect in society, since there is direct interaction with the customers.
  • One of the maojor reason is Job security, especially with Public Sector Banks.
  • Banks provide a challenging working environment, anyone who loves to achieve work goals will definitely like a banking job.
  •  Banking sector is a sunrise sector of Indian economy. It is one of the fastest growing sector as banks are expanding their reach across the geography. As probationary Officer role is a multi-dimensional role, it offers unparalleled opportunities for learning and growth. Many of the chairman of the PSU banks had joined the bank as Probationary officers only.
5. Why you want to change your Field?
  • This question applicable to students who have done B.pharma, etc.
  • Better growth opportunity
  • Want to work in government sector
  • limited government job in my field
Sample answer- I want to do a government job and in my field limited government jobs available, so i want to change my field.
    6. Why should we Select/ hire you? (Especially for RRB's)
    • Share your knowledge
    • skills related to job
    • career goal
    Sample Answer - My education qualification and skills make me suitable candidate for this job. Bank job need good public handling and I can easily adjust in any situation, so I can handle customers well.

    7. Why you want to join our bank? (For RRB's)
    • Benefits of bank
    • Experience of present employer
    • Employee friendly
    Sample Answer- I have heard your Bank is employee friendly and provide good growth opportuinty

    8. Why you want to change your Present job? (in case you are working)
    • grwoth opportunity
    • job security
    Sample Answer- Sir, Currently I am working in private sector. For job safety and security and better growth opportunity I want to join government sector.

    After these basic questions, Questions related with Banking Knowledge and current affairs starts.