SSC - GA Quiz

1.Who receives Dronacharya Award?
B).Movie actors
C).Sports Coaches

2. In which year India Joined the United Nations?
A). 1945
B). 1955
C). 1956
D). 1957

3. The Panchayat Raj is a
A). One–tier System
B).  Two–tier System
C). Three–tier System
D). Four–tier System

4. A universal donor has the blood group belonging to
A).  A
B).  B
C).  O
D).  AB

5. Which of the following States has the largest coastal area in India ?
A).  Kerala
B).  Tamil Nadu
C).  Karnataka
D).  Andhra Pradesh

6. Saka era was introduced by
A).  Ashoka
B).  Kanishka
C).  Chandragupta Maurya
D).  Harsha Vardhana

7. Who introduced the ‘Civil Services’ in India ?
A).  Lord Dalhousie
B).  Lord Curzon
C).  Lord Wellesley
D).  Lord Cornwallis

8. Who is authorised to decide over a dispute regarding disqualification of a member of Parliament ?
A).  Election Commissioner
B).  Speaker of the Lok Sabha
C).  President of India
D).  A committee set up by the Parliament

9.  Which of the following States is landlocked ?
A).  Maharashtra
B).  West Bengal
C).  Andhra Pradesh
D).  Bihar

10. The sculpture with the three faces of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh known as 'Trimurti' appears in
A).  Ajanta caves
B).  Ellora caves
C).  Kalva caves
D).  Elephanta caves

1.- C
2.- A
3.- C
4.- C
5.- D
6.- B
7.- D
8.- B
9.- D
10.- C