Questions on Satellite for SSC

1. Galatea and Naiad are the satellites of …………?
Ans. Neptune

2. Which was India’s first Earth observation satellite?
Ans. Bhaskara I

3. All satellites have a thermal blanket to protect them from heat and cold. What is this blanket made from?
Ans: A foil material.

4. What is the speed required to launch a satellite into orbit?
Ans- 17,000 mph.

5. About how many lives are saved each day by search-and-rescue operations based on satellite information?
Ans- About 10,000.

6. The bandwidth of a typical satellite is
Ans- 500 MHz

7. Satellite communication links are preferred over sub-marine cables because
Ans- of their multiple access ability

8. A geostationary satellite
Ans- orbits the earth with 24 hour period

9. For global communication, the minimum number of satellite needed is

10. Satellite sends back signals to earth by means of
Ans- Horn antenna