Computer Quiz for IBPS and SBI

Dear Readers, we are presenting Computer Quiz for upcoming Bank Exams. Computer section play important role in scoring.

Computer Quiz

Try to solve these computer questions. If any doubt ask in comment section. We will provide more questions in upcoming posts.

1. A simple automated program that scans the web for specific data and inserts into a designated database.
1) Web mining
2) Web database integration
3) Web crawler
4) Web scanning
5) Web searching

2. In web searching a symbol or keyword that instructs the search software to make sure that any retrieved records contain a certain word, is called
1) Data operator
2) Increment operator
3) Decrement operator
 4) Inclusion operator
5) Search operator

3. A database that spreads information across different tables while maintaining links between them is referred to as
1) Relational database
2) Rotational database
3) Database connection
 4) Tabular database
5) None of these

4. All the deleted files go to
1) Recycle Bin
 2) Task Bar
3) Tool Bar
4) My Computer
 5) None of these

5.When you are selecting a mouse for a particular computer system, what is the most important
1) The type of drivers that come with the mouse
2) The length of the mouse cord
3) The type of connector the mouse is equipped with
4) The number of buttons the mouse has

6. A ________ is a non-impact printer that can produce very high-quality, letter-perfect printing.
1) daisy wheel printer
2) laser printer
3) dot-matrix printer
4) thermal printer
5) drum printer

7. The DBA is
1) a computer device
2) a person
3) a communication technique
4) All the above
5) None of these

8.What is the primary requisite of a good computer programmer?
1) Mathematical background
2) Artistic mind
3) Logical mind
4) Scientific knowledge
5) Clear understanding

9. Utility Software is used for
1) Security purpose
2) Special purpose
3) Supporting user and hardwares
4) All 1), 2) and 3) are correct
5) None of these

10. A record of columns in DBMS is called
1) Tuple
2) Matrix
3) Field
4) Label
5) None of these