Geography Quiz For SSC & IAS Exam

1. The minimum distance between sun and the earth occurs on
a. December 22
b. June 21
c. September 22
d. January 4
Ans- January 4

2. On the day the sun is nearest to the earth, the earth is said to be in
a. aphelion
b. perihelion
c. apogee
d. perigee
Ans- perihelion

3. The earth is at its maximum distance from the sun on
a. July 4
b. January 30
c. September 22
d. December 22
Ans- July 4

4. How much surface of the moon is visible from the earth?
a. more than 75%
b. only about 40%
c. about 59%
d. about 65%
Ans-  about 59%

5.What is the unit of measurement of the distances of stars from the earth?
a. light year
b. fathoms
c. nauticles miles
d. kilometres
Ans- light year

6. Light from the nearest star reaches the earth in
a. 4.3 seconds
b. 4.3 minutes
c. 43 minutes
d. 4.3 years
Ans- 4.3 years

7. The difference in the duration of day and night increases as one moves from the ____ to the ___
a. Equator, poles
b. Poles, equator
c. Tropic of Cancer, equator
d. Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricon
Ans- Equator, poles

8. The thickness of the Troposphere increases in
a. Summer
b. Winter
c. Spring
d. Autumn
Ans- Summer

9. Where is the doldrums belt located?
a. near the equator
b. near the polar areas
c. on the Tropic of Cancer
d. Tropic of Capricon
Ans-  near the equator

10. What is tornado?
a. a very high pressure centre
b. a very low pressure centre
c. a very high ocean wave
d. a planetary wind
Ans-  a very low pressure centre

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