Target SSC CGL 2016- Science Quiz for SSC Set- 18

Dear SSC Aspirants, practice General awareness questions for upcoming CGL 2016 and Railway recruitment board exam of 18000 vacancies. We will provide you various types of Quizzes for CGL 2016.

Practice General awareness and Current Affairs questions for CGL 2016 and Railway Board Recruitment.

1. Which one of the following parts of the human brain is the regulating centre for swallowing and vomiting?
a. Cerebellum
b. CereBurum
c. Medulla Oblongata
d. Pons
Ans- c

2. Which one of the following animals is devoid of lateral line sense organ?
a. Labeo
b. Catla
c. Sea horse
d. Magur
Ans- c

3. Conglobate gland is s leaf  like structure found in
a. Female Cockcroach
b. Male Cockcroach
c. Male Ascaris
d. Female Ascaris
Ans- b

4. In the resistence colour code, the fourth brand signifies
a. tolerance level
b. power of ten
c. the total value of resistence
d. the material of resistor
Ans- a

5. In Astrophysics, what name is given to a hypothetical hole in outer space from which stars and energy emerge?
a. Black hole
b. Ozone hole
c. Asteriod belt
d. White hole
Ans- d

6. Neutrons are slowed down in a nuclear reactor by
a. Fassionable material
b. Moderator
c. Control rods
d. Cooling system
Ans- b

7. The science of Dactylography is commonly known as
a. Carbon dating
b. Water printing
c. Finger printing
d. Electro Cardiogram
Ans- c

8. Sun lab's Java Car uses ______ technology to keep your car networked with the world outside.
a. embedded
b. spam
c. smart screen
d. access point
Ans- a

9. An element of atomic no 29 belongs to
a. s- block
b. d- block
c. p- block
d. f- block
Ans- b

10. Light scattering takes place in
a.  Colloidal solutions
b. Acidic solutions
c. Electrolyte solutions
d. Basic solutions
Ans-  a