Banking/ Finance Awareness Quiz

Dear Readers, Banking Awareness Questions play important role in Banking exams. Around 50-60% of questions come from Banking Awareness which includes recent Banking updates also.

Banking Awareness Quiz for IBPS PO, Clerk, SBI PO,Clerk, IBPS RRB PO, Clerk, RBI Assistant and Other competitive exams.

1.Which of the following terms is used in the field of Banking/Finance?
1) Amendment
2) Active Assest
3) joint Assest
4) Reflecx Action
5) None of these

2.What does the letter 'R' denote in term 'RTGS' as used in the field of banking?
1) Rotation
2) Reasonable
3) Real
4) Rate
5) None of these

3.What does the term 'AAY' denote which is the short form of a social scheme launched by the Govt. of India?
1) antodaya Anna Yojana
2) Area Antodaya Yojana
3) Asian Awas Yojana
4) Anna Antodaya Yojana
5) None of these

4.What does the letter 'M' denote in the name 'MFI' as used in financial sector?
1) Mega
2) Micro
3) Mutiple
4) Monetary
5) None of these

5. The rate of Interest is determined by-
1) Liquidity preference
2) Central Government
3) Commercial Banks
4) The rate of return on the capital Invested
5) None of these

6.Who is authorised to Issue coins in India?
1) State Bank of India
2) RBI 3) Ministry of Finance
5) None of these

7. The funds raised by the Government within the country is known as-
1) Domestic saving source
2) domestic banking source
3) Domestic budgetary source
4) Domestic budgetary source
5) None of these

8.Which revenue earned by union Government is not distributed among state government.
1) Custom duty
2) Income Tax
3) Excise Duty
4) sale tax
5) None of these

9. The break-even point is where-
1) Average revenue equals average cost
2) Marginal revenue equals mariginals cost
3) Total Revenue equals total cost
4) Mariginal revenue equals total cost
5) None of these

10. A short-term government security paper is called?
1) Treasury Bill
2) Share
3) Debenture
4) Mutual Fund
5) None of these


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