Current Affairs Quiz of 23- 24 August 2015

1. Which State Become first state in India to launch ‘Agro-Solar Policy’ to encourage the farmers to tap the solar energy ?
Ans- Gujarat

2.  Who has won the prestigious 2015 Peter Mackler Award for Courageous and Ethical Journalism ?

Ans- Syria-based woman journalist Zaina Erhaim

3. Who won the 100 meter title at the 2015 World Championships in Athletics held at Beijing in China ?
Ans- Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt

4. Who has won the Cincinnati Masters Men’s Singles title by defeating Novak Djokovic of Serbia?
Ans- Roger Federer of Switzerland

5. Who won STAR Sports ProKabaddi League’s second season ?
Ans- U Mumba by defeating Bengaluru Bulls

6. Which committee of RBI recommends conversion of Urban Cooperative Banks (UCBs) with business size of 20,000 crore  into regular banks /
Ans- R Gandhi committee

7. Where is headquater of Bandhan Bank ?
Ans- Kolkatta

8. Which committee recommended that Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT) should not be imposed on FIIs retrospectively for the period preceding 1st April 2015  ?
Ans-  A P Shah committee

9. Who is first Indian to win Ladies British amateur stroke-play Championship ?
Ans-Indian golfer Aditi Ashok

10. World's largest 750 Mega Watts(MW) solar power station will installed at which place ?
Ans- Madhya Pradesh  in Rewa district 

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