Spotting errors

Read each sentence to find out whether there is an error. the number of that part is the answer. if there is no error, write 'No error.'

 1. Her and the(A)/ other members of the group(B)/spoke to the person(C)/after their victory(D).
2. In early India(A)/ there has been very little to read(B)/except for the books sent(C)/from britain(D).
3. Still remaining in the ancient castle(A)/are the Duke's collection of early Dutch paintings(B)/which will be (C)/donated to a museum(D).

4. Most students preferred(A)/courses in the classical arts to (B)/courses in sciences unless(C)/they are science majors(D).
5. When she comes(A)/ to see us(B)/ she usually will bring(C)/ something with her(D).
6. Why did you(A)/ not told me(B)/ that the meeting(C)/ was postponed?(D).
7. I did not want(A)/ him to have spent(B)/ all the money at (C)/ the fair yesterday(D).
8. The assistant(A)/ is never found(B)/ wherever the manger(C)/want him(D).
9. He picked up(A)/ the books(B)/ and put it (C)/ on the table(D).
10. They decided(A)/ to talk it over(B)/ at dinner(C).

1. A replace "her" with she.
2. B replace has been with was.
3. B replace Are with Is.
4. A replace preffered with prefer
5. C replace will bring with brings
6. B replace told with tell
7. B replace to have spent with to spend
8. D replace want with wants
9. C replace  put it with put them
10. No error