Target SSC CGL 2016 -History Quiz Set 14

Dear SSC Aspirants, practice General awareness questions for upcoming CGL 2016 and Railway recruitment board exam of 18000 vacancies. We will provide you various types of Quizzes for CGL 2016.

Practice General awareness and Current Affairs questions for CGL 2016 and Railway Board Recruitment.

1. Alamgirpur was located in
 a) Uttar Pradesh
 b) Punjab
 c) Haryana
 d) Rajastan
Ans: ( a )

2.   Kot Diji is located in
 a) Sind
 b) Punjab
 c) Rajastan
 d) Gujrat
Ans: ( a )

3. Who discovered Mohenjodaro?
a) Dayaram Sahani
b) B.P.Vats
c) R.D.Benerjee
d) M.N.Marshal
Ans:( c )

4.  Indus people made seals with
a) Steatite
b) Ivory
c) Clay
d) All the above
Ans:( d )

5. Who was the father of Gautama Buddha
a) Suddodhana
b) Rushaba
c) Ananda
d) Mahadeva
Ans: ( a )

6.    Who was the wife of Gautama Buddha
a) Yashodhara
b) Amrapali
c) Trisala
d) Ambik
Ans: ( a )

7. In which of the following inscriptions Ashoka made his famous declaration, “All men are my children”?
(a)Minor Rock Edict (Ahraura)
(b)Pillar Edict VII
(c)Lumbini Pillar Edict
(d)Separate Kalinga Rock Edict I

8.The beneficiaries of Asoka’s donations in the region of Barabar Hill were__?
(c)Svetambar Jains              
 (d)Digambar Jains
Ans- b

9. The Muslim League as a political party was founded in
a 1906
b 1909
c 1915
d 1919

10. The members of the state legislature exercise control over the council of the ministers through
 a questions and supplementary questions
 b criticism of its policies
 c adjournment motion
d  All of the above
Ans- d