Cloze Test for IBPS Exam

Choose appropriate word to fill the blanks.

Initially, the Grameen Bank did not (1) to get involved with the education of its borrowers. But as time went by, they began to feel the  (2) for it. Most of the borrowers had no formal education. (3) the ability to read and write the borrowers had difficulty expending their business. They (4) to be able to able to keep accounts, read (5) about business, health, new ways of farming etc. They (6) their children to school and their children in turn helped their parents to keep accounts, read instructions and (7) else needed to be read.
But this is not enough for the future. So the bank has see out to make sure that their borrowers (8) a hundred percent literacy rate within five years.

a. meant
b. deserve
c. plan
d. intent
e. realise

a. concern
b. need
c. duty
d. relevance
e. value

a. Except
b. Having
c. Besides
d. Unless
e. Without

a. tried
b. must
c. knew
d. wanted
e. discovered

a.  knowledge
b. awareness
c. information
d. fact
e. circular

a. sent
b. enrolled
d. urge
e. encourage

a. above
b. nothing
c. anything
d. whatever
e. something

a acquire
b. quality
c. collect
d. reaching
e. fulfilling

1- c
2- b
3- e
4- d
5- e
6- a
7- c
8- a