English - Fill in the Blanks

Directions (Q.1-5): Each question below has two blanks indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole. (Punjab & Sind Bank PO Exam 2010)

1. Centre should ________ministries whose functions ..........with the state ministries to save money, deliver efficiency and avoid duplication of work.
1) Finish, differ
2) Establish, contradict
3) Constitute, matches
4) Abolish, overlap
5) Block, vary

2. Many people________ genetically modified food but the reality is that all the food that we eat has been genetically modified naturally by thousands of years of ...........
1) Praise, manipulation
2) Grow, mismanagement
3) Criticize, farming
4) Avoid, experience
5) Condemn, abuse

3. Given that only seven per cent of the country's labour force is in the organised sector, training options _____ for the unorganized sectors should also be _____ .
1) Available, enhanced
2) Absent, improved
3) Jacking, sustained
4) Existing, restricted
5) Offered, limited

4. Government initiatives and participation of many industrial houses in _________ loans to the villagers have led ..........to the of the farmers.
1) Providing, plight
2) Disbursing, betterment
3) Denying, revitalization
4) Subsidizing, suffering
5) Taking, advancement

5. Indians will______ one-fourth of total work force in the next five years but India needs to introspect whether its education system is _____ for these demographic dividends.
1) Become, adequate
2) Consist, incompetent
3) Constitute, unequipped
4) Represent, sound
5) Comprise, prepared


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