Target SSC CGL 2016- English Quiz Set-4

Dear SSC Aspirants, practice English Quiz questions for upcoming CGL 2016 and Railway recruitment board exam of 18252 vacancies. We will provide you various types of Quizzes for upcoming railway and CGL 2016.

Practice English Questions for upcoming Exams. These questions based on previous papers.

Directions—Below are given some statements each of which is capable of being expressed by one word only. Each statement is followed by four such words of which only one is correct. Your
task is to pick out the correct choice.

1. A person who renounces the world and practices self-discipline in order to attain salvation—
(A) Sceptic
(B) Ascetic
(C) Devotee
 (D) Antiquarian

2. One who abandons his religious faith—
(A) Apostate
(B) Prostate
(C) Profane
 (D) Agnostic

3. A hater of learning and knowledge—
(A) Bibliophile
(B) Philologist
(C) Misogynist
(D) Misologist

4. Commencement of words with the same letter—
(A) Pun
(B) Transferred epithet
(C) Oxymoron
(D) Alliteration

5. A person who does not believe in the existence of God—
(A) Theist
(B) Heretic
(C) Atheist
 (D) Fanatic

6. A lady’s umbrella is—
(A) Parasol
(B) Granary
(C) Epitaph
(D) Aviary
(E) None

7. Story of old time gods or heroes is—
(A) Lyric
 (B) Epic
(C) Legend
(D) Romance
(E) None

8. A sad song is a—
(A) Ditty
(B) Knell
(C) Dirge
 (D) Lay

9. One who believes in the power of fate—
(A) Fatalist
(B) Optimist
(C) Pessimist
 (D) Parsimonious
(E) Pusillanimous

10. A person who loves everybody—
(A) Cosmopolitan
(B) Fratricide
(C) Atheist
(D) Aristocrat

1. (B)
2. (A)
3. (D)
4. (D)
5. (C)
6. (A)
7. (C)
8. (C)
9. (A)
10. (A)