Quant Quiz- D.I

Study the Following Table carefully and answer the questions given below.

Marks Obtained by Different Students in different Subjects

1. How many students have scored the lowest marks in two or more subjects?
A 2
B 3
C 1
D 0
E 4

2. Who has scored the highest marks in all the subjects together?
A Deepak
B Charu
C Anupama
D Garima
E Bhaskar

3. What is the percentage of Deepak's marks (uptu two digits after decimal ) in all the subjects together?
A 88.63
B 77. 38
C 67.83
D 62.83
E 72.83

4. Marks obtained by Charu in Hindi are what percent of marks (upto two digits after decimal) obtained by Anupama in the same subject?
A 75.92
B 78.38
C 77.29
D 75.29
E 72.83

5. What are the average marks obtained by all the students together in Science?
A 55.75
B 57.5
C 60
D 59.5
E 58


1. A Charu has scored minimum marks both in sanskrit and social studies.
Vishal has scored minimum marks in Science, physical education and hindi.

3. Required %= 437/600*100= 72.83

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