Current Affairs Quiz of 23-24 October 2015

1. Who was appointed as Envoy to the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State for Iraq and Syria (ISIS) ?
Ans- Brett McGurk

2. Who was awarded with the 2015 Confucius Peace Prize by China for supposedly injecting fresh energy into the global quest for harmony ?
Ans- Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe

3. Who will  fix  interest rates on gold deposits under the Gold Monetisation Scheme ?

4.Who was appointed as National Security Advisor of Pakistan ?
Ans- Retired Lieutenant General Nasser Khan Janjua

5. Who was elected as Prime Minister of Canada ?
Ans- Justin Trudeau

6. Who is the official mascot of the Paragliding World cup event?
Ans- Snow Leopard

7. PM Narendra Modi lays foundation stone for mobile manufacturing facility at which place ?
Ans- Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

8. Name the former member of International Olympic Committee (IOC) who passed away recently?
Ans- Ashwini Kumar

9. Who has been nominated by Finance ministry to the board of Reserve Bank of India?
Ans- Shaktikanta Das

10. Which bank has launched Malayalam and Hindi language versions for its mobile banking application?
Ans- Federal Bank

11. Name the China’s first high-resolution stereo mapping satellite for civilian use?
Ans- Ziyuan III

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