English Quiz for IBPS and RBI

Directions (Q 1-7): Each of the questions below contains one or more blank spaces. Each blank indicating an omitted word. Each sentence is followed by five (5) lettered words or sets of words. Read and determine the general sense of each sentence. Then choose the word or set of words which, when inserted in the sentence best fits the meaning of the sentence.

1. Even when his reputation was in ___________, almost everyone was willing to admit that he had genius.
a) ascendancy
b) retaliation
c) eclipse
d) differentiation

2. How many of the books published each year in the United States make a(n)  __________ contribution toward improving men's ___________with each other?
a) important----problems
b) standardized----customs
c) referential----rudeness
d) significant---relationships

3. No one can say for sure how ___________ the awards have been.
a) determined
b) effective
c) reducible
d) effervescent

4. The medieval church condemned man's partaking in ___________ pleasures.
a) ascetic
b) ecclesiastical
c) sensual
d) hermetic

5. The fact that a business has ___________ does not create an ___________ for it to give away its wealth.
a) prospered----imperative
b) halted----impossibility
c) incorporated----impulse
d) supplemented----obligation

6. When I watch drivers routinely slam their cars to a halt, ___________ take corners on two wheels, and blunder wildly over construction potholes and railroad crossings, I consider it a ___________ to automotive design that cars don't shake apart far sooner.
a) gradually----curiosity
b) sensibly----blessing
c) gracefully----misfortune
d) habitually----tribute

7. On the ground, liquid hydrogen must be stored in large stainless-steel tanks with double walls filled with ___________and evacuated to a high vacuum.
a) stones
b) air
c) insulation
d) water


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