English Quiz

Directions (1-5): Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/ phrase given in bold.

1.The faliure of crops in successive years put the farmer in a tight corner.
(a) in a closed room                      
(b) in a small field
(c) in a difficult situation                
(d) in a meadow
(e) none of these
2.The effort to trace the culprit was a wild gosse chase.
(a) a fruitful hunting                       
(b) futile search
(c) ideal seeking                            
(d) genuine effort
(e) none of these

3.The story does not hold water.
(a) does not deserve appreciation
(b does not fulfil the reqiurements
(c) Cannot be belived
(d) cannot be valued
(e) none of these

4.Raj couldn’t pay the bill, so he asked the owner to put it on the cuff.
(a) on credit                                   
(b) against his credit
(c) in his bank account                 
(d) in his friend’s account
(e) none of these

5.His staement is out and out a lie.
(a) totally                                       
(b) simply
(c) merely                                     
(d) slightly
(e) none of these



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