Basics of Interview- For Bank Exams

What is interview?
An interview is a conversation between two or more people where questions are asked by the interviewer to elicit facts or statements from the interviewee.
Bank interview questions are meant to measure the attitude, skill and adjust ability of the candidate , to draw a conclusion on his/her suitability in the bank.

Watch this video for your Interview related Queries with Explanation

 Do’s and Don’ts during interview

-Reach interview venue on time.
-Make yourself calm and comfortable while you are waiting outside
-When your interview call comes knock he door softly and take permission of the board for entry like-
-Sir… Please may I come in. When interviewer say come in , say thank you after permission.
-Softly close the door and wish the board with gentle standing posture.
-If there is any Female in board, then wish her first.
-Remember time carefully and wish accordingly Good morning, good afternoon or good evening.
-Before 12 o’clock- Good Morning
-Between 12-4 Good afternoon
-After Pm- Good evening
-Wait till board asks/permits you to sit and say thanks before sitting.
-Sit in straight posture with hands in your lap/thigh. Avoid fidgeting and slouching
-Make your eye contact with the board
-Voice must be Clear/Audible/Humble and polite.
-Give answers confidently.
-Be positive, honest and be yourself
-Always say thank you sir when board informs/ corrects you any where.
-When you are unable to answer any question say-
-Sorry sir I do not know
- Sir I have heard about it but I am unable to recall at the movement, sorry sir.
-When board say thanks your interview is over-
-Thank you sir.. Have a nice day(before 4 PM)
- Take care of voice modulation.

Don’ts during interview

-Don’t make excuses. Take responsibility for your decisions and your actions.
-Do not make negative comments about your previous employer.
-Donot treat the interview casually , as if you are just shopping around or doing the interview for practice.
-Donot give impression that you are interested in particular location only and not talk about salary and perks until the subject brought by interviewer.
- Don't assume that female interviewer is Mrs. or Miss. Address her as madam unless told otherwise.
 - Don't smoke before interview or chew gum during interview.
- Don't allow your cell phone to ring during interview.(if it does, apologize quickly and ignore it)  
- Avoid hand movement
- Avoid looking up and down.
- Avoid hiding eyes it shows lack of confidence.
- Don't forget to wish the board.
- Don't sit untill the board asks to do so.
-Never put your file or hand on table.
- Don't show irritation while board ask questions.
- Do not try to defend yourself in wrong answers.
- Do not make noise while sitting and leaving the chair.
- Never ask questions to the Board.

Bank Interview Attire or Dress up

 For Male candidates-
Trouser- Do not wear Jeans during interview. Trouser should be formal one not stylist one.
Shirts- Full sleeve shirts, even in summer. Choose white or light stripes
Ties- Select good quality tie. avoid fashion extremes.
Socks- Dark socks , mid calf length so no skin is visible when you sit down.
Shoes- Leather, lace-up preferably Black. well polished
Belt- Black leather, to match your shoes.
Facial hair- Well groomed. Take pocket comb along with you on interview day, before entering in room groom it properly.
Clothes should be clean and well ironed.

For Female Candidates-
Suit- wear a two - piece matched suit.
Cosmetics- Keep makeup conservative. Avoid extremes of nail length and polish color, especially in conservative industries.
Shoes- Should be leather or fabric. Choose closed - toe pumps. Make certain you can walk comfortably in your shoes; hobbing in uncomfortable shoes does not convey a professional appearance.
Hosiery- Should be plainly styled (no patterns), sheer (not opaque) and in neutral colors complementing your suit.
Purse/Bag- If you carry a purse, keep it small and simple, purse color should coordinate with your shoes.

Grooming Tips for Everyone
Hair- Should be clean and neat
Shoes- Should be in polished condition. Make sure heels are not worn.
Details- No missing buttons, no lint, and donot forget to remove external tags and tacking stitches from new clothes.
Hands- Clean Fingernails
Fit- Clothes should be clean, neatly ironed and fit properly
Smell- Perfume or cologne should be used sparingly or not at all. No odors in clothes. Donot smell like having smoked.

Interviews start with a personal question like - introduce yourself or tell us something about you. Also, during interview, interviewers focus on knowing the personality traits of the individual. As these questions are related to you only, you can thoroughly prepare them in advance. This requires a  indepth self analysis of yourself and build a good story around you. After looking at your achievements, you can chose to form a story which covers your achievement and hardships or something which shows you in a positive light. Some of the personality related questions, which you must prepare are -

1. Tell us something about yourself?
In this section interviewer focus on following areas-
1.  Personal- Meaning of your name, family background, about the city you belong(its history, founder, famous places, economy, surroundings etc.), Date of birth( importance of day, any famous person born on that day).

2.Academics- Questions must be focused on your subjects that you study in graduation
 If you have gap more than 2 years then you must be ready to fill this gap with logical reason. 
If marks are decreasing order, then give appropriate reason
If science field then give reason why you opt for banking?
Whats the use of your subject in banking?

3.  Hobbies- You must be perfect in his/her hobbiesBoard can ask any question related with your hobby . So tell hobby cautiously.

4.  Job nature- In this interviewer ask various questions related with banking terms and other banking and finance knowledge.

5. Current News- Every candidate is advised to read newspaper regualarly for a whole month before your interview and analysis the news and discuss with friends.

1. When interviewer ask you about yourself starts like that- Sir, I am …your name…….. . I have  Done…… Qualification………….. My hobbies are………… In my family ……. No. of members.  My father is ………. And mother ………….(Father and mother profession).We are ……… no. of brother and sister.

If you have working experience then mention your experience after your qualification.

2. Strength and weakness- that you told should be according to your personality.

3.When they ask why you want to join Bank?- Reply like that- I want to join bank because banking is a very fast growing sector which provide me aple growth  opportunity  .
1) Banking Sector offers tremendous growth opportunities. Candidates reach from Trainee Officer level to a General Manager level.
2) Bank Employees have respect in society, since there is direct interaction with the customers.
3) One of the maojor reason is Job security, especially with Public Sector Banks.
4) Banks provide a challenging working environment, anyone who loves to achieve work goals will definitely like a banking job.

Banking sector is a sunrise sector of Indian economy. It is one of the fastest growing sector as banks are expanding their reach across the geography. As probationary Officer role is a multi-dimensional role, it offers unparalleled opportunities for learning and growth. Many of the chairman of the PSU banks had joined the bank as Probationary officers only.