Current Affairs Quiz of 13-14 November 2015

1. Who have won the 2015 International Children's Peace Prize ?
Ans- Abraham M Keita from Liberia

2. Comac C919 aircraft is developed by which country ?
Ans- China

3. Which country was provisionally suspended from International athletics on doping charges?
Ans- Russia

4. G-20 Leaders Summit 2015 held at...........?
Ans- Antalya, Turkey

5. Annual Hundred Drums Wangala Festival is celebrated at which  state?
Ans- Meghalaya

6. Who is Yitzhak Navon? who died recently .
Ans- Former Israel President

7. Indian Government has imposed ______% of Swachh Bharat Cess on taxable services ?
Ans- 0.5%

8. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched “Neev Fund” to invest in small infrastructure projects in eight low-income states at which place ?
Ans- UK

9. On which date World Diabetes Day observed ?
Ans- Nov 14

10. Which two Indian banks are going to list their bonds on the London Stock Exchange ?
Ans- HDFC & YES Bank

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