'TIME AND tide wait for no man.' This indeed is a well-known proverb. But how many times in our life have we desired that time was something we could capture in our hands and never let go. “TIME AND tide wait for no man.” This indeed is a well-known proverb. But how many times in our life have we desired that time was something we could capture in our hands and never let go. When we look back into our past, we gather a lot of memorable moments which we never want to get over, especially, those cheerful childhood days where we were pampered by one and all in our families. Those were the golden days of our lives. In the school days, we thought homework and exams were the hardest things one can ever face. Little did we know that with time, more hardships are bound to come.

 In a beautiful place, there lived a shawl- weaver with his two sons. He weaved shawls and sold them in the market. He made lovely patterns on shawls and he taught the art of shawl weaving very well to both his sons. 
Time passed by ..... the weaver grew older and weaker.
One day he called his two sons and said to them, '' My dear children, now I have become old and weak  and as you know every one has to leave his loved ones one day and I am no exception, but before that I want to give the equal shares of  my savings to both of you and with the help of this money you can start the work of weaving to earn a living after my death.
On one sad day of winter the weaver passed away.
It was a great loss for both young men but they had to recover from the sorrow to move on in their lives.
 The elder brother said to his younger brother '' Now we should concentrate on our work, summer is coming and a lot of tourists come to visit our valley in this season , it will be a good chance for us to earn some good amount of money by selling shawls to them.''
The younger brother who  was a careless and lazy kind of guy , said, '' There are months for tourist season to come , I will do it later.''
The elder brother decided to start the work of weaving , he bought some fine wool and started making shawls.                                             
 He told his younger brother, '' Little brother, I have begun my work you should start weaving too, so that we can make some good shawls before the tourist season.''
''I told you , I will do it later , now leave me alone.'', said the younger brother and went to enjoy the company of his friends.
Elder brother did not forget his duty... after some time he again reminded his sibling, '' Bro you haven't started yet , it is a short time left for summer to arrive you should hurry up.'' But got disappointed to get the same answer.                                         
 Days flew away like wind, winter gave way to spring ......... Ah.. the summer was too close.
  Now the younger brother  rushed to the market, bought the wool and started  weaving, but it was too late. How could he make some fine shawls like his brother in such a short period of time? The
quality of his shawls was poor and they were not not good- looking at all.
On the other hand the elder one was ready to sell his beautiful shawls.
The Tourist season came...... at the market , everyone was keen to buy the beautiful shawls of elder brother and was ready to pay  the desired prize but nobody was interested in taking the shawls made by younger brother.
He realized his fault but  nothing could be done now.  
He did not listen to his elder brother, he wasted the time and the money of his share. Sadly.. the upcoming days were going to be very difficult for him.
As the old saying goes''Time and Tide wait for none.''