English Practice Set-20 For LIC, SO and Syndicate Bank PO

Dear Bank Aspirants we are providing practice English questions set for LIC AAO and Syndicate manipal PO exam. Try to solve these Mixed Questions and share time taken to solve these Mixed Questions and share your attempt.

English Questions- phrase replacement

In English section  Comprehension, Cloze test, Fill in the Blanks , rearrangement, spotting errors play important role in  exam.

Directions (1-5): The sentence can be made meaningful and correct by replacing the bold printed part with one of the given alternatives i.e. (1), (2), 93) or (4). The number of the alternative is the answer. If no correction is required mark (5) as the answer.

1.      The officer burst into rage and order immediate dismissal of the assistant who had made the error.
(1)      order immediately
(2)      ordered immediately
(3)     ordered immediate
(4)      ordering immediate
(5)      No correction required

2.      I have told the artist to put on all the best in the picture which he was painting.
(1)     to put in
(2)       to have put up
(3)      to be putting           
(4)      to put down
(5)      No correction required

3.      The apples he bought are too expensive to be bad.
(1)      are so expensive
(2)      were so expensive
(3)      are too much expensive
(4)      are so expensive that
(5)     No correction required

4.      You should apologize for your inability to attending to programme.
(1)      Being inability to attending
(2)      Being unable to attend
(3)     Inability to attend
(4)      Inability about attending
(5)      No correction required

5.      Unless I get some tea, I should not be able to do any more work.
(1)     shall not be able
(2)      should be unable
(3)      shall not be unable
(4)      should not be unable
(5)      no correction required

Directions(6-10): Rearrange the given six sentences A, B, C, D, E and F in a proper sequence so as to form a meaningful paragraph and then answer the given questions. 

A. He did whatever work was assigned to him and soon the lion became so fond of him that he promised to give him a cart full of almonds as pension when he (the squireel) retired.
B. Once a squirrel joined the service of the King of the forest the Lion.
C. The squirrel had waited so long for this day but when he saw the almonds, he was seized with sadness as he realised that they were of no use to him now when he had lost all his teeth.
D. However, he envied other squirrels in the forest because of their carefree life which he could not enjoy as he had to be by the King's side all the time.
E. He consoled himself with the thought that at the end of his career, he would receive a cart full of almonds, a food that only a' few squirrels got to taste in their lifetime.
F. Finally the day came when it was time for him to retire and as promised the King gave a grand banquet in his honour and presented him with a cart full of almonds.

6.) Which of the following should be the SECOND sentence after the rearrangement?
1) A 
2) B 
3) F
4) D
5) E

7.) Which of the following should be the FIRST sentence after the rearrangement?
1) A
2) C
3) B
4) D
5) E

8.) Which of the following should be the FIFTH sentence after the rearrangement?
1) E
2) D
3) B
4) F 
5) A

9.) Which of the following should be the FOURTH sentence after the rearrangement?
1) A
2) B
3) C
4) F
5) E

10.) Which of the following should be the SIXTH (LAST) sentence after the rearrangement?
1) C
2) D
3) A
4) B

5) E

1. 3
2. 1
3. 5
4. 3

5. 1
6. 1
7. 3
8. 4
9. 5

10. 1