English Practice Set-24 For LIC, SO and Syndicate Bank PO

Dear Bank Aspirants we are providing practice English questions set for LIC AAO and Syndicate manipal PO exam. Try to solve these Mixed Questions and share time taken to solve these Mixed Questions and share your attempt.

English Questions- phrase replacement

In English section  Comprehension, Cloze test, Fill in the Blanks , rearrangement, spotting errors play important role in  exam.

Find out which part of a sentence has an error.

1.  The families /(a) are living in Gulmohar Park / (b) for the last two decades./(c) No error./ (d)

2.  Two lakhs of people /(a) attended the meeting/(b) held in Parade grounds./(c) No error./(d)

3.   There is a Bach’s violin concerto /(a) on the radio / (b) at 6 p.m. this evening./ (c) No error/(d)

4.   Lay your books aside and / (a) lay down to rest / (b) for a while. / (c) No error / (d)

5.   We went / (a) with Guptas to a /(b) movie called ‘Deewar’ . /(c)  No error / (d)

6.   Once an old hermit / (a) saw a cat /(b) pounce upon a rat./ (c) No error. /(d)

7.   A computer virus works exactly / (a) like the biological variety / (b) which invade the human body/ (c) No error. / (d)
8.  When I first    started my school / (a) my boys had / (b) no evident love for music. / (c) No error    / (d)
9.   My uncle / (a) has left / (b) for Bombay last Saturday. / (c) No error. / (d)

10.  Don’t think / (a) you can deceive me / (b) like you did my brother. / (c) No error. /(d)


1.    (b)
Explanation: Change are living into have been living continuous + since / for + Unit of time are the features of perfect continuous tense.

2.    (a)
Explanation: Change lakhs into lakh. Hundred, thousand, lakh etc are used singular after numbers.

3.    (d)

4.    (b)
Explanation: Change lay into lie. These are to different words lay (रखना) laid, laid and lie (लेटना )lay, lain are the forms . Lie is used for living.

5.    (b)
Explanation: Insert the before Guptas. Guptas are known to the subject.

6.    (d)
Explanation: Pounce on / upon is a Phrasal word means move to attack quickly.

7.    (b)
Explanation: Exactly and like never go together.

8.    (b)
Explanation: Change boys into students or pupils.

9.    (b)
Explanation: Omit has. Last yesterday and ago refer to simple past.

10.  (c)
Explanation: change like into as. Like is used for similarity as is used