Quiz based on Railway Budget 2016-17

Dear readers, we are presenting current Affairs quiz based on Rail budget 2016-17. It will help you to remember main points of Railway Budget 2016-17

Quiz based on Railway Budget 2016-17

Quiz based on Railway Budget 2016-17

1.  What is the theme of the Rail Budget 2016-2017?
Ans-Reorganize, Restructure Rejuvenate Indian Railways: ‘Chalo, Milkar Kuch Karen’

2. What is the name of the proposed long distance superfast train, which will be introduced for unreserved passengers?
Ans-Antyodaya Express

3. Service named Sarthi Seva for senior citizens will be first introduced in which Indian Railways Zone?
Ans-Konkan Railway

4. What is the Targeted Operating Ratio for the Indian Railways for the year 2016-17 in the Railway Budget?

5. Name the proposed fully air-conditioned third AC service with an optional service for meals?
Ans- Humsafar

6.Llong distance trains for unreserved passengers with facilities such as potable water and higher number of mobile charging points. What these coaches will be called?
Ans- Deen Dayalu

7. In the Rail Budget 2016-2017, a new service named Janani Sewa will be introduced. What is the aim of this service?
Ans-To introduce children’s menu items on trains, baby foods, hot milk and hot water

8. uresh Prabhu announced a new overnight double-decker, air-conditioned train. What is the name of the proposed train?
Ans- Uday

9. What is/are the goal(s) of the Rail Budget 2016-2017?
Ans-  1. Reserved accommodation on trains available on demand and time tabled freight trains
2.  High end technology to improve safety record, elimination of all unmanned level crossings and higher average speed of freight trains
3.  Semi high speed trains running along the golden quadrilateral and zero direct discharge of human waste

10. As per the Rail Budget 2016-2017, what is the proposed investment for modernization of railway infrastructure to be spent over 5 years?
Ans- 8.5 lakh crore rupees