Reasoning Set

Dear Bank Aspirant's  practice Reasoning questions for LIC AAO and SO Exam . Try to solve these questions  and share time taken to solve these questions.

Directions: In each question below is given a statement followed by  Conclusions. (Conclusion is something supposed or taken for granted). You have to consider the statement and the following Conclusion and decide which of the assumption is implicit in the statement. Give answer

Answer Options for qs 1 & 2:
1) If only conclusion I and II or III follow
2)If only Conclusion I and II follow
3)If Only conclusion I and III follow
4)If only conclusion II and III follow
5)None of these

Q 1) Statements
Some watches are wrist watches.
All wrist watches are stones.
Some stones as well as watch are phones.

(I)Some phones are wrist watches. 
(II) Some stones are wrist watches.
(III) All stones being wrist watches is a possibility.

Q 2)Statements
All Sunday are Mondays.
No Mondays is Tuesday. 
All Sunday are Wednesday.

(I) Some Wednesday are Monday.
(II) Some Tuesday are Wednesday.
(III) No Tuesday are Wednesday.

Q 3)Statements
All footballers are music lovers.
All footballers are dancers.
No dancer is cricketers
No cricketer is player.

(1) Some cricketer are music lover.
(II) There is a possibility that any cricketer can be music lover.
(III) No music lover are cricketer.

Answer Option for Q 3
1)Either I or II follows 
2)Only III follows
3)only II follows
4)only II and either I or III follows
5)none of these

Q 4)Statements
All footballers are music lovers.
All footballers are dancers.
No dancer is cricketers
No cricketer is player.

(I) Some dancers being player is a possibility.
(II) All those dancers are footballers are also music lovers.
(III) Any cricketer can never be player.

Answer options for Q 4:
1)Either I or II follows
2)only I follows
3)only II follows
4)Only II and either I or III follows
5) none of these

Q 5)Statements
No house is an Apartment.
Some bungalows are apartments

(I)No house is a bungalow.
(II)All bungalows are houses

Q 6)Statements
Some gases are liquids.
All liquids are water

(I) All gases being water is a possibility.
(II)All gases which are not water can never be liquids.

Answer Options for Qs 5 & 6
1. If only assumption I is implicit.
2. If only assumption II is implicit.
3. If either assumption I or assumption II is implicit.
4. If neither assumption I nor assumption II is implicit.
5. If both assumption I and II are implicit.

Q 7)Statements:
No door is dog.
All the dogs are cats.

(I)No door is cat.
(II)No cat is door.
(III)Some cats are dogs.
(IV)All the cats are dogs.

Answer Options for Q 7
A.Only (2) and (4)
B.Only (1) and (3)
C.Only (3) and (4)
D.Only (3)
E.All the four

Q 8)Statements:
Some keys are staplers.
Some staplers are stickers.
All the stickers are pens.

(I)Some pens are staplers.
(II)Some stickers are keys.
(III)No sticker is key.
(IV)Some staplers are keys

Answer Options for Q 8
A.Only (1) and (2)
B.Only (2) and (4)
C.Only (2) and (3)
D.Only (1) and (4) and either (2) or (3).

Q 9)Statements:
Some questions are answers.
Some answers are writers.
All the writers are poets.

Some writers are answers.
Some poets are questions.
All the questions are poets.
Some poets are answers.

Answer Options for Q 9:
A.Only (1) and (2)
B.Only (1) and (4)
C.Only (1) and (3)
D.Only (2) and (4)

All the papers are books.
All the bags are books.
Some purses are bags.

Some papers are bags.
Some books are papers.

Some books are purses.

Answer Options for Q 10
A.Only (1)
B.Only (2) and (3)
C.Only (1) and (2)
D.Only (1) and (3)

4)5-as all follows
note: Any means all and can never means definitely not. so all cricketers are not players which is true