Current Affairs Quiz of 5-6 March 2016

Dear Readers, we are presenting Current Affairs quiz of  March 2016 at Current Affairs quiz covers all important topics of Current Affairs for all competitive exams.

Current Affairs Quiz

Read- GK Booster of February 2016

1. Who launched first Uridashi Masala Bond ?
Ans- International Finance Corporation

2. Traditional Chapchar Kut festival celebrated in which state?
Ans- Mizoram

3. Who Indian Bank preliminary approval to open 100 per cent-owned branches in Myanmar ?
Ans- State Bank of India

4. Union Government has decided to digitally connect all Post Offices in rural areas by ..........?
Ans-March 2017

5. Who is the author of novel Prince of Tides?
Ans- Pat Conroy

6. Multinational Exercise FORCE 18 has started in which city?
Ans- Pune

7. Who authored the book Fixed: Cash and Corruption in Cricket" (HarperCollins)?
Ans- Shantanu Guha Ray

8. Which Indian umpire has been promoted as the International Outdoor Umpire by the International Hockey Federation (FIH)?
Ans-Nepoleon Singh

9. Prime Minister Narendra Modi  launched the Setu Bharatam project with an aim to make all National Highways free of Railway crossings by.....?
Ans- 2019

10. Which Asian country on 2 March 2016 passed its first anti-terror bill?
Ans- South Korea