Questions asked in RRB(Railway Recruitment Board) Exam 3rd shift 28.03.16

Dear Readers, weare sharing some of questions that was asked in RRB(Railway Recruitment Board) Exam 3rd shift- 28.03.16 that provided by our readers.

1. Other Name of Chanakya- Kauá¹­ilya

2. Miss Universe 2015- Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach

3. Best Animated Film at Oscar- Inside Out

4. First Dadasaheb Phalke Award given to- Devika Rani

5. Titanic ship is belong to which country- Ireland (Great Britain)

6. Colour of Octopus blood - Blue

7. Father of jawaharlal nehru- Motilal Nehru

8. Which city of australia have highest population- Sydney

9. ONGC headquarter-Uttarakhand

10. New name of Bharatpur National Park- Keoladeo Ghana National Park

11. Real currecncy of which country- Brazil

12. Earths water cycle powered by- Sun

13. Energy of sun by which process- Nuclear fusion

14. 20 equinox means- 20 Faces

15. Biggest Mammal- Blue whale

16. Who invented bramh samaj- Raj Ram Mohan Rai

17. Rial is currency of which country- Soudi Arabia

18. Current Chief Justice India- T. S. Thakur